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Our Mission

To make it easy to discover great places to eat, drink & visit throughout England.

Best of England is a collection of hand picked places to eat, drink & visit. Each one of which has been researched, visited and photographed by a member of the Best of England team.

We want to make it easy for you to find new and interesting places to visit. We research, visit and photograph every place ourselves and use our website, app and books to help inspire people to discover new things.

Quality is everything

Quality is behind everything we do and we will never compromise on the quality of our work. We take every photograph ourselves to ensure that the quality is consistently high. We worry about the details from the thickness of the paper to the size of each font we use.

Trusted Recommendations

We personally visit every business that we recommend which means, if we recommend somewhere, then our customers know that they can trust that our opinions are true and based on our own experiences.


We want to show a real and genuine reflection of what we experienced when we visited a business. We use our photography to tell a visual story for each of the businesses we recommend. We want to bring each one to life and inspire our audience to visit and have the same experience for themselves.

Beauty in Simplicity

We design our website, app and books to be as simple and easy to use as possible. We want the medium to get out of the way so the user can focus on the content.

Our Vision

We want to become the most trusted travel brand in England. Not the biggest but the best and the most respected. We want to inspire millions of people to find new places to eat, drink and visit in England.

We want to create a product so beautiful, artistic and remarkable in its design, content and usability that users are delighted when they discover it, inspired to tell others about us and encouraged to keep using it.

Trust & Integrity

We want people to be able to trust that our recommendations are just that. That’s why we don’t charge any of the businesses to feature within our books. We think this honesty and integrity is a really important part of what we are trying to do.

Always improving

We are never satisfied and are always on the look out for ways to improve or simplify. We want to be the best at what we do and that means we have to work harder than anyone else. Feedback from our customers is really important to us so we can make the best product possible.

We want people to love our work

Not just like, love. We want to delight our customers and that’s not easy to do. That’s why we take the extra time to make our website, app and book as good as we possibly can. We are a small team who design and build everything ourselves, in house.

A positive story

We love England and want to try and do justice to everything it offers. We want to tell a visual story behind each attraction we recommend to inspire English people to discover new places and those from abroad to come and visit.

Build something significant

Our goal is to build something important that will make a real difference to people. If we put a smile on your face because you have discovered your new favourite restaurant or cafe then we have achieved our goal. We hope to put smiles on millions of faces.

Passionate listeners

We have a clear idea of what we want to achieve but, at best, we take an educated guess as to what our customers want. That’s why we regularly survey our audience to find out what they think and adapt our products based on their feedback.

We worry about the details

We think the details are important in both the products we create and the businesses we select. As such we take our time to notice and work on the details.

A remarkable experience

We want to delight our customers at every step through an exceptional offering and customer service. We hope that, by doing so, our customers will be inspired to tell their friends about us. We think that word of mouth is the only real form of marketing and that’s what we hope to achieve.
The Best of England Series
The Impartial Travel Guides
Our new books are a series of handy travel guides showing the Best that England has to offer. Each guides contains over 250 of our hand picked recommendations, each of which is beautifully photographed.
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The Best of England App
A travel companion in your pocket
Each of our travel guides will have a dedicated chapter within Best of England app which we are currently rebuilding for iOS and Android.
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About Best of England
Find out more about us.
We want to make it easy to find new and interesting places to visit. We research, visit and photograph every place ourselves and use our website, app and books to help inspire people to discover new things.
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