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What is Best of England?

Best of England is a curated collection of travel recommendations and one of the fastest growing travel websites in England with over 1 million page views in its first year. We have created a series of travel guides, apps and our flagship website,

Why advertise with us?

We believe there is nothing better than local knowledge when looking for the hidden gems. That’s why we use social media to ask the locals to tell us where to go. We have a list and we then go and visit each place, unannounced to experience it for ourselves.

Should you wish to discuss any of these opportunities in more detail, please contact:

Simon Ridgwell
Creative Director
[email protected] | 07757 336 291

Quality is everything

Quality is behind everything we do and we will never compromise on the quality of our work. We take every photograph ourselves to ensure that the quality is consistently high. We worry about the details from the thickness of the paper to the size of each font we use.

Trusted Recommendations

We personally visit every business that we recommend which means, if we recommend somewhere, then our customers know that they can trust that our opinions are true and based on our own experiences.

Unique Photography

We want to show a real and genuine reflection of what we experienced when we visited a business. We use our photography to tell a visual story for each of the businesses we recommend. We want to bring each one to life and inspire our audience to visit and have the same experience for themselves.

Simple & easy to use

We design our website, app and books to be as simple and easy to use as possible. We want the medium to get out of the way so the user can focus on the content.

Trust is important

We want people to be able to trust that our recommendations are just that. That’s why we don’t charge any of the businesses to feature within our website or travel guides. We think this honesty and integrity is a really important part of what we are trying to do.

A positive story

We love England and want to try and do justice to everything it offers which is why every recommendation we make is positive. If somewhere isn’t good enough, it doesn’t get in.
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We want to make it easy to find new and interesting places to visit. We research, visit and photograph every place ourselves and use our website, app and books to help inspire people to discover new things.
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