25 Energy saving tips
Make your home more efficient this winter
1.    Draught-proof your windows and doors
One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to draught-proof your windows is by using some self-adhesive strips. Simply stick the strips around the window frame to seal any gaps and help keep out the cold. You can also use the strips to seal your door frames but for extra protection, use a brushed draught excluder or invest in a novelty draught excluder such as a sausage dog or snake. Alternatively, you can seal your windows using a couple of layers of clingfilm; although it might take a few goes to get the wrinkles out!
2.    Dry your clothes on a heated rack
A heated clothes rack is a great way to dry your clothes more efficiently. Not only does it mean you can free up your radiators, but it also prevents condensation. You can pick one up from around £45 but it’s well worth the small investment as it will save you on heating and tumble dryer costs in the future.
3.    Seal your chimney with a draught-proofer
Experts believe that draught-proofing all the rooms in your home can save you up to 2.5% off your annual energy bills. And your chimney is no exception. Draught proofers for chimneys are handy devices that come in various shapes and sizes and can save you an additional 3.5% on your bills.

4.    Set your thermostat to 18°C
While it’s tempting to turn your thermostat up to 20°C+ during the winter months, by setting it at just 18°C you can save over £100 a year. According to the World Health Organisation, 18°C is a warm enough temperature for most healthy adults.
5.    Use dried firewood
If you use a wood burner at home, make sure you use dried wood with a moisture content of 10% or below. As well as providing a more efficient burn and reducing emissions, it also means that the wood will burn for longer, so you need to buy fewer logs. 

6.    Fit a hot water cylinder jacket
Did you know that by fitting a hot water cylinder jacket you could reduce heat loss by a whopping 75%? Without the jacket, the cylinder will lose heat and your water will cool down faster. Make sure you use a jacket that’s at least 80mm thick and displays the British Standard Kitemark. If your hot water cylinder is easy to access, this should be a straightforward job that you can do yourself without calling out a professional.

7.    Use thermostatic radiator valves
One of the best ways to save money on your heating bills is by using thermostatic radiator valves that let you control the temperature of each room in your home. You don’t want to be wasting energy and money by heating rooms that are not in use. Many radiators will already feature these handy temperature valves but if not, you can pick them up for around £10 each, plus the cost of installation.
8.    Move your thermostat to where you spend the most time
Nowadays most thermostats can be moved so it’s a good idea to move yours to the room you occupy the most. By continually measuring the temperature of the room you are in, the thermostat controls the boiler and will regulate the heat. So, this will reduce unnecessary energy usage and cut the cost of your bills.

9.    Service your boiler
Although servicing your boiler can cost as little as £60, it’s one of those jobs that many of us neglect. But if you want to have a more energy efficient home and save money in the winter, it should be a top priority. If you don’t have it serviced, ideally once a year, it could result in expensive repair bills or even cost you a new boiler, which could be in the thousands.

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