15 of the best places to visit in East Anglia

Discover East Anglia, England's Eastern gem, where captivating coastlines strike a chord with charming villages against a backdrop of rich history. As an admirer of its singular charm, I entreat you to delve into Norfolk's unique splendour and heritage, evident in every grain of sand, cobblestone street, and time-worn relic.


Aldeburgh, a quintessentially British seaside town, presents an eclectic blend of attractions for the discerning traveller. From the towering Martello Tower in the south, that proudly watches over the harbour, to the thought-provoking Scallop sculpture in the north, the pebbly shoreline beckons exploration. Savour locally-sourced produce from Aldeburgh Market, delight in ice-cream from Munchies, and traverse the beach past the iconic Fishing Huts.

Holkham Beach

Nestling on England's coast, Holkham Beach emerges as a shining testament to the nation's awe-inspiring landscapes. The pristine sands, celebrated for their unspoiled beauty, form a captivating panorama stretching towards the horizon. A location of cinematic fame, this beach was immortalised as Gwyneth Paltrow graced its expanse in 'Shakespeare in Love'. Its wild dunes provide a mesmerising backdrop to a day of leisure, while the nearby Holkham National Nature Reserve thrills with an array of fascinating wildlife.


Perceived as East Suffolk's crowning seaside glory, Southwold glistens with charm and serenity. Its iconic pier is a beacon for those craving the rejuvenating air of the coast, offering a tranquil sun-kissed sanctuary. Boasting Blue Flag status, the pristine beach invites bathing, while the quirkily ingenious novelty machines at the pier reflect the genius of inventor Tim Hunkin. Dappled along the shore, vibrant beach huts encapsulate quintessential British coastal allure.


An architectural feast for the eyes, Lavenham is an exquisite village of half-timbered houses and eccentric storefronts. Stroll through its captivating lanes, absorbing the pastel-toned charm that spans from Suffolk pink to burnt orange. An epicurean paradise, Lavenham tantalises the tastebuds with an array of culinary delights.

The Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads, a treasured National Park, unveils an entrancing landscape of over 125 miles of navigable, lock-free waterways. Serene rivers and lakes weave through idyllic countryside, peppered with charming towns and villages. Whether by boat, foot, or cycle, the Broads promise to reveal hidden gems, abundant wildlife, and unparalleled tranquillity.

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The Gunton Arms
Taking pride of place in a sprawling deer park that surrounds Gunton Hall, The Gunton Arms boasts an enviable...

Ina rural village on the fringes of a conservation area, The Bell really hits the mark when it comes to location, and its interiors are just as impressive...

Cley Windmill
Boasting an intriguing history dating back to the early 19th century,Cley Windmill has been sympatheticallyconverted into a unique guesthouse.
The Ironmongers

Overlooking theancient Aylsham market square and drenched in history, The Ironmongersoffers unique boutique accommodation.

The Suffield Arms
Don’t be fooled by its rural setting and elegant demeanour, inside TheSuffield Arms is a heady concoction of styles that commands yourattention.


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