Yorkshire's most beautiful places to visit in 2023

Make 2023 the year to explore our beautiful country of England. Here are 15 of our favourite places to visit in Yorkshire this year.


Whitby is a seaside town in North Yorkshire, England. It is knownfor its picturesque harbor, historic abbey ruins, and Gothicarchitecture. The town has a rich maritime history, dating back to itsdays as a thriving port for whaling and fishing. Today, Whitby is apopular tourist destination, with a busy center full of shops,restaurants, and pubs, and a beautiful sandy beach. The town is also ahub for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and sailing.


Overlooking the River Nidd, Knaresborough is a picturesque market and spa town with medieval walkways and cobbled alleys. Knaresborough Viaduct straddles the Nidd Gorge and is a prominent feature of the town, towering over the river that weaves down to Mother Shipton’s Cave. The famous cave and its petrifying well opened in 1630 and are among the main attractions of the town. Mother Shipton was a famous prophetess who predicted that the world would end in 1991.     Knaresborough Castle is another notable landmark, and its museum is a great place to learn about the local heritage.


Staithes has often been regarded simply as a traditional fishingvillage. However, the village is set in some spectacularly ruggedcoastlines, rich in marine life and boasting of a proud maritime historydating back millennia. Staithes can also fairly claim Captain Cook asone of its former residents.  Located on the “Dinosaur Coast”, Staithesis also a popular spot for fossil hunting which can be doneindependently or in well-organised local tours. Alternatively, wanderingthrough the narrow alleys and cobbled streets of the Old Town offers avivid glimpse of historic Staithes. Be aware though that parking is notallowed anywhere in the Old Town.

The Ribblehead Viaduct

Just beyond the Cumbrian border with Yorkshire and a short drive fromIngleton, Ribblehead Viaduct maintains an imposing presence over thesurrounding moorlands. Comprising a massive sequence of 24 stonearchways rising 100 ft above the ground, the Viaduct most resembles aRoman aqueduct. This impressive product of Victorian engineering,however, cost the lives of hundreds of navvies toiling on itscompletion. So great was the death toll that the Settle-Carlisle Railwayactually paid for an extension to the local graveyard.


Goathland is a refreshing moorland village in the centre of theNorth York Moors National Park. The village has become increasinglypopular as a tourist destination due to its role as Aidensfield in theTV series Heartbeat, and features lots of old cars and business namesthat are the the same as in the series.    More recently, GoathlandTrain Station was used as the station for Hogsmeade in the first HarryPotter films. You can arrive in the village in the same manner as thestudents via the steam train before taking in the sights.

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The Crescent

The Crescent, a historic building from 1860, stands proudly in Ilkley's spa town, blending modernity with its heritage.

Tucked beneath a leafy canopy that’s wrapped inside York’s medievalwalls, Middletons is a collection of luxurious accommodation...
The Farrier
Hugged by the North Yorkshire Coast between Scarborough and Filey inthe  handsome village of Cayton, The Farrier is blessed...

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