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Who are Best of England?
About Us.

Best of England is a curated collection of travel recommendations. Each one is hand picked and has been visited and photographed by a member of the Best of England team.

What we do.
We believe there is nothing better than local knowledge when looking for the hidden gems. That’s why we use social media to ask the locals to tell us where to go. We have a list and we then go and visit each place, unannounced to experience it for ourselves.
Why we are different.
Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We take every photo ourselves to ensure the quality is consistent and so we can tell a visual story behind each place we visit. Businesses don’t pay to be on our website or in our guide which is why we can provide honest and authentic recommendations of where to go and what to see.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Best of England and how is it different?

A. Best of England is a curated, independent travel guide to the best places to eat, drink, stay and visit throughout England. It is different because of the quality of the photography and the consistent quality of recommendations that we promote via our website and books.

Q. How are your recommendations selected?

A. We use a combination of our own research and social media to select the places which we recommend. Our theory is that there is nothing better than local knowledge to find the hidden gems which is why we ask the public via our facebook page to tell us what they think.

Q. Who is your target market and how do you reach them?

A. Our target customer is the discerning traveler who is looking for a unique and quality experience based on our recommendations. We use heavily targeted facebook campaigns to reach these individuals and achieve exceptionally high engangement levels via a combination of quality content and effective targeting.

Q. Do businesses pay to be recommended?

A. We don’t charge any of the restaurants, cafes, museums or shops to be listed on our website as we want to remain as impartial and honest as possible. The only types of businesses that pay are accommodation and those are on an invite only basis.

About Best of England
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We want to make it easy to find new and interesting places to visit. We research, visit and photograph every place ourselves and use our website, app and books to help inspire people to discover new things.
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