10 of the best places to visit in the Lake District in 2024

Blea Tarn

Nestled between Great Langdale and Little Langdale, Blea Tarn is a hidden jewel in the Lake District that offers breathtaking views of the Langdale Pikes, perfectly mirrored in its crystal-clear waters. Ideal for photographers and picnickers alike, this serene spot features an accessible path that encircles the tarn, making it perfect for a gentle stroll amidst some of the most picturesque scenery in Cumbria. A visit to Blea Tarn promises a peaceful escape from the everyday, offering a chance to immerse oneself in tranquil natural beauty.


Buttermere is a pristine Lake District gem, flanked by the craggy peaks of the High Stile ridge. This tranquil lake is perfect for those seeking solitude or a peaceful family outing, with a loop trail that invites leisurely walks beneath towering mountains. The unspoilt scenery and quietude of Buttermere make it a favourite among those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, providing a picturesque setting that inspires both relaxation and reflection.


Catbells, a friendly fell in the Lake District, is renowned for its panoramic views and manageable ascent, making it an essential climb for any visitor. This peak offers a rewarding hike that is both accessible and invigorating, with stunning vistas over Derwentwater and Keswick. Ideal for families and casual walkers, a day spent at Catbells culminates in a sense of accomplishment and a collection of beautiful scenic photographs, capturing the essence of the Lakes.


Derwentwater, affectionately known as the "Queen of the Lakes," enchants visitors with its serene beauty and reflective waters. The lake is framed by the dramatic fells and lush woodlands of the Lake District, providing the perfect backdrop for leisurely boat rides and canoeing. Visitors can stroll along its gentle shores or simply admire the views from a lakeside café. Derwentwater's captivating scenery makes it a beloved retreat for nature lovers and those seeking peace.


Grasmere, a quintessential Lake District haven, is famed not only for its poetic connections to Wordsworth but also for its enchanting natural beauty. This charming village is surrounded by spectacular fells and crystal-clear waters, offering a peaceful retreat with cosy teashops and artisan boutiques. Visitors can take a leisurely row on the lake or wander through vibrant wildflower meadows. Grasmere's delicious gingerbread provides a sweet souvenir of a delightful visit to this idyllic spot.

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