Frequently Asked Questions

Will my business have a page on your website?
Yes, all paid listings get their own web page on our website. Here is an example

Will my business get a Sponsored Facebook post ?
Yes, all paid listings get their own Facebook post which we will promote to your geographical area. Here is an example.

Will I have control over the editorial / imagery?
Yes, we will write a description for you which you will have an opportunity to review and amend (within reason). You will also be able to supply your own photography for your listing.

If I don’t sign up will my free listing be removed?
Yes, each month we will offer new businesses a free listing to be part of our campaign. If you decide not to sign up to a paid listing then your business will be replaced within our editorial.

Will you share the performance data from your campaign?
Yes, we will provide a summary of the campaign as a whole as well as the traffic we have generated for your business.

How much does it cost?
We have two options for 2023…
- 3 month Listing - £495 + vat
- 6 month Listing - £895 + vat

Can I use my Google tracking link
Yes, we’re happy to include your tracking links so you can measure the traffic we are generating for you.

Why do we focus on Facebook?
We have advertised on all the social media channels and we found that our content is most appealing to Facebook users, this audience has a higher average age than Instagram and TikTok so tends to have more disposable income for travel/eating out.

How many campaigns do you have planned?

We have three campaigns planned each year, one for Summer, Autumn and Winter.

I have more than one business, will I get a discount?
Yes, talk to us and we can put together a bespoke package for you depending on how many businesses and how long you would like to sign up for.

Will you be investing in SEO and Press?
Yes, we hope that providing marketing for businesses will become a key part of our business model and we see SEO and PR as an important component to ensure it is successful over time.

How do I sign up?
To sign up, send an email to

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