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The Best of England - The Best of Britain

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The "Best of England" is the quintessential guide to the nation's most bewitching villages, tranquil beaches, and scenic coastal towns, each selection enriched by our personal explorations and adorned with our unique photography. This guidebook peels back the layers of England's charm, presenting destinations that capture the imagination. Experience the quintessential thatched cottages of the Cotswolds and the captivating harbours of Cornwall, each site chosen to reflect the country's rich heritage and beauty.

Effortlessly plan your adventures with insights into hidden gems and lesser-known locales, complemented by hundreds of five-star reviews and a plethora of stunning photographs that bring the English countryside and its coastal splendour to life. "Best of England" is more than a travel guide—it's a portal to the heart of England's picturesque landscapes and an indispensable companion for those yearning to dive deep into the country's unique essence and tradition.

Published April 2024