10 of the best places to visit in the Lake District in 2024

Holme Fell

Holme Fell, a lesser-known treasure in the Lake District, offers tranquility and breathtaking views with minimal effort. This modest summit is perfect for those seeking a less trodden path; it presents an easy climb that rewards hikers with stunning vistas of Coniston Water and the surrounding valleys. Ideal for an afternoon escape, the peacefulness of Holme Fell provides a soul-soothing experience, making it a cherished spot for reflective walks and nature enthusiasts.

Kirkstone Pass

Kirkstone Pass, with its rugged beauty and the highest pub in England, the Kirkstone Pass Inn, is a cornerstone of any Lake District adventure. This ancient pass offers thrilling drives or cycles up steep inclines to its summit, surrounded by wild scenery. Visitors can enjoy atmospheric walks or relax in the inn’s cosy bar, savoring a pint while taking in the expansive vistas stretching across the fells. Kirkstone Pass remains a high point in more ways than one.

Tarn Hows

Discover the serene beauty of Tarn Hows, a picturesque spot in the heart of the Lake District. Renowned for its stunning panoramic views and tranquil waters, this accessible location is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a reflective pause. With its lush greenery and a backdrop of distant mountains, Tarn Hows offers an idyllic escape, inviting visitors to unwind amidst nature’s embrace. A true gem, it's the ideal setting for anyone seeking peace in pristine surroundings.


Ullswater is often celebrated as the most beautiful of the Lake District's lakes, weaving through craggy mountains and lush greenery. Its elongated blue waters host steamers that glide gracefully between poetic landscapes, ideal for a tranquil afternoon on the water. Explorers can venture along its banks on foot to discover hidden waterfalls and serene picnic spots, making Ullswater a majestic and peaceful getaway for nature lovers and romantics alike.


Wasdale, a remote jewel in the Lake District's crown, is renowned for housing England's deepest lake, highest mountain, and smallest church. This secluded valley offers awe-inspiring views and rugged hikes that ensure solitude and breathtaking scenery. The dramatic vistas of Wastwater, with its brooding screes and crystal depths, are compelling. Whether scaling Scafell Pike or enjoying a quiet moment by the lake, Wasdale offers an unparalleled experience of the district's raw, natural beauty.

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