Our Summer Campaign Results

How have we generated the traffic?

We use a variety of posts on Facebook such as the examples below. You can see from the exceptional click through rate that our audience is very interested in the content.
How much traffic have we generated for the businesses that paid?
Our goal was to generate 500 visitors for each paying business and we have generated more than double that for each business that paid to be part of  the campaign.

Here are a couple of examples of sponsored posts we created for the businesses:
Are we running a campaign for Autumn?

Yes. We are now starting work on our Autumn campaign which will begin at the end of September. The campaign will be content led and titled “The Best Autumn Breaks for 2023 - 50 of the best places to eat, drink and stay for the Perfect Autumn Getaway

How much does it cost?
Our 2023 rate card is below: