Cornwall's most beautiful places to visit

Make 2023 the year to explore our beautiful country of England. Here are a few of our favourite places to visit in Cornwall.


Known affectionally as Mowzal, Mousehole offers a postcard-perfect snapshot of Cornish charm. This quaint fishing village beckons food lovers, its menus rich with ocean-fresh bounty. View the harbour, adorned with timeless fishing boats and become a voyager into a bygone era. Traverse the countryside, where the rhythm of life syncs with the rolling coastal views, and experience the soul of Cornwall.

Trevibban Mill Vineyard

Nestled within the verdant heart of Cornwall lies Trevibban Mill Vineyard, a testament to sustainable winemaking. A canvas of thriving vines set against idyllic Cornish landscapes, it reflects the art of organic viticulture. Sip their award-winning wines, and you partake in the rich narrative of English wine, steeped in authenticity and conscious cultivation.

Wheal Coates

Wheal Coates narrates the tale of Cornwall's once-bustling tin mining industry, standing as a relic of a forgotten epoch near St Agnes. This historical monument offers glimpses of engine houses and mine shafts, echoes of a vibrant past. Spectacular vistas unfold from the cliff paths, drawing visitors into a panoramic exploration of nature.

St Ives

A haven for artists, St Ives lures travellers with a blend of picturesque coastal scenery and a thriving art scene. Explore the labyrinthine streets, the vibrant harbour, and discover unique gems in the myriad shops and galleries. St Ives' creative pulse, enhanced by the natural allure of Cornwall, offers an immersive experience to its visitors.

Kynance Cove

A jewel in Cornwall's crown, Kynance Cove showcases serpentine rock formations arising from soft sands and iridescent azure waters. This National Trust-owned spot unveils its full spectacle at low tide, revealing the caves and rock stacks. Its raw beauty attracts sun-seekers, with some adventurous spirits daring to leap from the cliffs, testing the strength of the tides.

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The Old Inn
At the heart of the idyllic coastal village of Mullion, The Old Inn is a traditional 16th-century pub that has retained its old-world Cornish charm.
Enveloped by ancient woodland and sprawling gardens, Boconnoc boastsastunning setting on a Georgian country estate.

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