15 of the most beautiful places to visit in England

Make 2023 the year to explore our beautiful country of England. Here are 15 of our favourite places to visit this year.

The Lake District

TheLake District, a region in England's northwest corner, captivates withits mesmerizing landscape. Majestic fells rise into the sky, whileserene lakes reflect the area's untouched beauty. It's a place wherenature's poetry unfolds through shimmering waters, rolling hills, andverdant woodlands. Every season paints the district with unique colors,from spring's fresh blooms to autumn's russet tones. The area's quaintvillages, rich history, and timeless charm add an extra allure. The LakeDistrict’s enchanting allure isn't just in its visual beauty, but alsoin the serenity it brings to the soul.

The Jurassic Coast

TheJurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site stretching along 95 miles ofEngland's southern coastline, is an unrivaled geological wonder. Itscliffs and beaches act as an open history book, revealing 185 millionyears of Earth's past across three geological periods. Fossil huntinghere is an exciting journey back to the era of dinosaurs. Strikinglandmarks like Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove, and Old Harry Rocks exemplifythe coast's dramatic beauty. Whether you're interested in geology,enjoy coastal walks, or simply appreciate natural beauty, the JurassicCoast is a fascinating destination that stirs the imagination andspirit.


Oxford,the City of Dreaming Spires, offers a blend of rich history and moderninnovation. Its globally renowned university, with colleges dating backto the 13th century, exudes an age-old charm and intellectual legacy.Each corner of Oxford teems with architectural marvels, from theRadcliffe Camera to the Bridge of Sighs. The city also boasts wonderfulgardens, lively markets, and cultural festivals. Plus, you can enjoypunting on the River Cherwell, a quintessential Oxford experience.Oxford is not just a place, but a journey back in time with a livelycultural scene that makes it a must-visit destination.


Dartmoor National Park’s 386 square miles of vast wilderness givesyou numerous opportunities to explore some of England’s most untamedcountryside, with its streams and rivers, granite tors, wildflowermeadows, ancient oak forests and fern-covered hillsides.    Whetheryou’re a land or water lover, this is the place to try wild swimming,hiking, cycling and kayaking. Its beauty is more brooding than dramatic,but Dartmoor provides a special habitat for the wildlife that thriveshere. Salmon and sea trout migrate up the rivers to spawn andkingfishers and otters can be spotted within the protected and cherishedlandscape.


Goathland is a refreshing moorland village in the centre of theNorth York Moors National Park. The village has become increasinglypopular as a tourist destination due to its role as Aidensfield in theTV series Heartbeat, and features lots of old cars and business namesthat are the the same as in the series.    More recently, GoathlandTrain Station was used as the station for Hogsmeade in the first HarryPotter films. You can arrive in the village in the same manner as thestudents via the steam train before taking in the sights.


Cley Windmill
Boasting an intriguing history dating back to the early 19th century,Cley Windmill has been sympatheticallyconverted into a unique guesthouse.
The Ironmongers

Overlooking theancient Aylsham market square and drenched in history, The Ironmongersoffers unique boutique accommodation.

The Old Inn
At the heart of the idyllic coastal village of Mullion, The Old Inn is a traditional 16th-century pub that has retained its old-world Cornish charm.
Enveloped by ancient woodland and sprawling gardens, Boconnoc boastsastunning setting on a Georgian country estate.
The Suffield Arms
Don’t be fooled by its rural setting and elegant demeanour, inside TheSuffield Arms is a heady concoction of styles that commands yourattention.
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